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About Advertlets:

.Its an advertising network originating from
.Advertisers pay Advertlets in Malaysian Ringgit
to place advertising banners on participating
.Publishers are supposed to get paid for renting
their limited spaces to run the banners.
.Singapore Advetisers, knowingly or unknowingly,
also use Advertlets to run their advertising
campaigns because it's cheaper.
.But many publishers do not get paid for all
their efforts. I am one of them
.When this happens, Advertlets will be regarded
as SCAM and so Publishers and Advertisers
should not be a part of the SCAM.

Purpose of this Blog:

.To expose Advertlets for being bad paymasters
.Create an awareness as well as to appeal to
Singapore Advertisers not to take advantage of
cheaper means (in view of the currency exchange)
but to boycott Advertlets for their unethical and
unprofessional traits.
.Likewise, Bloggers/Publishers should not participate
in Advertlets' advertising program.
.Provide all the rantings and ravings by netizens
for your own review.
Proof of Non-Payment

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Advertlets Now Own Me RM$970

Advertlets cannot be trusted.  Still unpaid as at today in spite of numerous reminders.

Below was what I last heard from Advertlets:

"We are currently rolling out new payment terms of 60-90 days throughout
our network, however, we will be making your payment before the 15th of
August. Please be informed, thanks.


Advertlets Support"

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  1. Just be patient and wait til they release the money for you.

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